The Blood War

The Blood Wars part 1: The cursed Valley
The cursed valley

Our story opens with four new and inexperienced adventurers arriving in Den Haven Valley, seeking adventure: Sorsha, a brave, strong, human barbarian who is eager to split heads with her great axe. Gweedo (the great), a human sorcerer ready to test out is newly found skills in magic. Arwyn, a kind hearted human Cleric, whose healing hands are surpassed only the power of her heart. Murrander (Murry) Colbeltoss , a Halfling-rouge willing to test his nimble fingers and swift reflexes on the dangers of the valley. The four manage to climb down the seep mountainous terrain only to find themselves in a dense wooded area. They find a weather beaten sign reading: “Blackwood Forest.” The team quickly follows the path and come to the little town of Willowvale. While speaking to the local townspeople the group discovers the valley is under a curse, placed by a Beholder named Ominous that lives atop Mt. Saddam. Further investigation reveals the story behind the curse. Two generations ago the valley was ruler by Lord Veros Penndragon. When the Beholder came to the valley Lord Veros sent his best soldiers to drive the beast from the land. They failed. It is believed that in retaliation the Beholder cursed the valley and Veros bloodline. Within two years Veros was dead and his son Lord Alexander took his place as ruler of the cursed valley. Alexander took a wife, Lady Sil. Though beautiful, Sil was known for her foul temper and vanity. Soon after Lord Alexander succeeded his father he was assassinated in the courtyard of his own Manor, struck through the heart with a poisoned arrow. Lady Sil took over as ruler of the valley. After only a year, so the legend says, Lady Sil went mad. She killed everyone in Penndragon Manor then took her own life. Her restless ghost was said to still haunt the Manor. While exploring the town our heroes meet the local townsfolk. Cleric Cox, a foul tempered healer, who has taken over as the town’s leader. He offers an equal dose of healing potions and sarcasm.

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